January 11, 2014

Wink For Pink by Revlon

Heres a really perfect pink lipstick that I've been loving lately! My sister actually picked this one out for when I first started wearing make up-- I believe it's the first lipstick I ever bought :') I think of this as a really age appropriate shade for someone a little younger who's starting to build up their collection. It's super wearable and build able and has really tiny bits of glitter in it. At first I wasn't fond of that at all, but I really got to liking it over time! If anyone remembers my Peach Parfait rant, it's just the amount of glitter I would want in a lip butter. For the best results, I recommend blending in with a clean finger before adding a progressive layer. Lastly, it's part of the Super Lustrous line so it has a nice amount of gloss which is two thumbs up from me. 

January 4, 2014

The Delightful Duo *

Heres a combo I've been reaching for lately: the Real Techniques Stippling Brush + Stilla's Convertible Color Trio in Warm. I think the two really match up perfectly and give a very natural cheek flush. Since I haven't been getting a ton of sun lately, using this product on the apples of my cheeks is a really flattering way to add a healthy glow back into my face. And once I've added a touch of Benefit's Watts Up Highlighter, I feel peppy and ready for the day. I especially love wearing cream blush when I don't have a foundation base.

Honey Suckle (far left) is a really youthful baby pink that is exclusive to the trio. It's probably the most pigmented out of the three and really stands out on the cheeks. I think this color would be perfect on almost all skin tones and can be blended to look very subtle. It doesn't have any shimmer, but like all the convertible colors it has a glossy effect that really makes it pop!

Camellia (middle) is my favorite out of the three mainly because I didn't think that I would like it as much as I do! In the pan it looks sort of like a disinteresting brown/muddy color but I think it's the most flattering on my skin tone. I've found that it's my perfect rosy shade and looks so healthy on my skin and the Stippling Brush really evens out the product and makes it look like I've gotten a considerable amount of sun.

Recently I've fallen in love with the last shade in the trio, Gerbera (far right). Unlike the other two, it has a really iridescent sheen that highlights the cheeks and gives them a universally flattering glow. This is probably one of the more popular shades in the convertible color line-- but a word of advice: it really doesn't shoe up on darker skin tones. Now that I've paled quite a bit since summer, its finally starting to show up really nicely. I'm not sure if the camera picked up on it, but its a more orange toned peach color than Honey Suckle.

* SORRY ABOUT THE DOUBLE UPLOAD! I somehow managed to screw up the other one... oopsie :(