April 18, 2014

the one and done.

When I first purchased the much raved about Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, I instantly understood what all the hype was about-- I found it super creamy, blend-able, pigmented and long lasting. But the reason why I didn't get along with it was because I found the shimmer in it too cool toned. This looked really unflattering on me as it gave a gray tint to my warm tone skin. Nooo bueno. For that reason, it got kind of lost in my make up drawer. I'd pull it out every now and then as a base, but I'd never use it on its own. Somehow I had formed this misconception that cream shadows are best applied with your fingers so you may be able to imagine my face when I decided to try applying this with a flat shader brush and saw HOW GOOD IT LOOKED. With a brush, you have so much more control over how much product you're applying so blending a small bit of product starting from the crease onto your lid gives the most flattering wash of color that doesn't have enough shimmer to start reflecting those cool toned hues. I'm so happy with this product now and it's super pretty and easy to use on its own.

April 17, 2014

Mac Please Me

Mac Please Me $15 

Just yesterday, I had a super fun photoshoot with my friend in her back yard. I bring over my camera, and she took charge of my make up. I ended up poking around in her stash and pulled out this REALLY flattering lipstick by Mac. Please Me is a very pigmented, matte, bright bubble gum pink lip color. Alongside dark copper eyeshadow / subtle pink cheeks, I think this lipstick looked veerry naaiicee. It was also extremely long lasting and didn't need any touch ups. 

for more photoshoot pics i would recommend checking out my instagram!

April 15, 2014

PROM Dress / Pictures / Tips (Prom #4)

Hey guys! For the final installment in my prom series, I'm including pre prom pictures, information on my dress and tips! 

Overall, I had a blast at prom! We ended up going two hours late (oops) because my date and I had too much fun talking in our group at dinner; however, I definitely think that it was more fun that way because when we got to the venue, everyone was dancing and the music was pretty loud so we didn't get a chance to talk after that.


My dress is from Modcloth.com and was $80. I'm a little bit on the fence about whether or not it was worth the money because while it looks ok in pictures, the material was thin t-shirt material and wrinkled really quickly. That being said, I think that the sequin top was really flattering and I love how the cut wasn't too showy!

Some other places for dresses that I recommend are:

One last thing to add-- because of my heels, my dress ended up being a little bit too short. Keep that in mind when you're looking for your dress!

1. Next time I'm definitely going to keep my stuff in the car. Our coat check was really sketchy with no ticket system-- basically anyone could walk into the closet and take what they wanted.

2. If you don't want to grind, thats OK. I didn't want to grind so I had that conversation with my date before the dance.

3. Pre prom pictures can be lots of fun! But it can also get very awkward if you get fined for being in a private garden without having a permit. I know a group of people who had to pay $200. Call ahead and ask!

April 14, 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award

I can't believe that I'm finally getting around to this, but thank you Sei from cottonkuma for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Everyone reading this should DEFINITELY go check out her blog.

And theres a funny story behind this picture-- my friend had a gold card for starbucks and randomly got me a free refill of his drink.. I don't even drink coffee! But I took the opportunity to look cool and snapped this picture before giving it to my sister.

People that I'm tagging
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The Sunny Scenery
A Beautiful Zen 
Panda Loves Eyeliner 

7 things about me

1. I LOVE photography. If you gave me a day to do whatever I wanted, I'd probably end up happily snapping pictures of everyone and everything that I came into contact with!

2. (you have to sing this with me like you're Ralph in The Sound of Music) I am seventeen going on eighteen!

3. I can quote the movie The Parent Trap from start to finish.

4. My favorite pair of shoes would have to be my sassy cheetah print Sperrys! My friend always calls me a cougar when I wear them.. -__-

5. I'm quite shy in real life, but I'm working on it! A lot of my friends tell me that I get a lot crazier, sassier and meaner when you get to know me in real life. They're right. LOL

6. Very few of my friends know about this blog! I started it over the summer for fun and here we are, more than half a year later. I thought that there'd only be a 1% chance that the rest of the people in my life would come across Biffsquiggled, but then one of my friends stumbled across it (IM LOOKING AT YOU SOPHIE) and I was SO SHOCKED.

7. I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up! The time has come for me to start thinking about my major in college and where I want to go annd I have no clueeeeeeeeee. We'll see what happens I guess… IF YOURE READING THIS AND HAVE ANY BITS OF ADVICE FOR ME, I'M LISTENING!

As always, thank you for reading ^^ 

April 12, 2014

Sunday Stress

If you didn't already know, I have an instagram up and running! I had a few photos before, but I deleted them and am starting anew. If you want to see more pictures, updates, and previews pls check it out!

username: biffsquiggled 

Holika Holika Lashes #04 (PROM #3)

I'm not going to lie-- this post is a little bit of a redemption post for me. On the day of my prom, my eyes were just way to irritated from stress and a lack of sleep. Long story short, they were just NOT feeling it when I wanted to add false eyelashes to my look. :(  If I could go back, I definitely would've done this. This is a pretty simple monolid make up look: a pop of dark blue onto of bronze, a bold wing, and luscious lashes.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 25 $7
Instead of using a full coverage foundation that lots of people prefer on prom night, I decided to opt for something a little lighter and more breathable. Since I wasn't having too bad of a skin day, I figured that there was no need for something uncomfortable! Contrary to the belief that your make up needs to be long lasting while you "dance the night away," all you really need is for your make up to last for the few hours you're taking pictures for. After you get to the dance floor, no one will give a second thought about what your make up looks like-- you can take even wipe it off in the bathroom if you want!

Maybelline Balm Stain Honey $9
This stain gives such a flattering pinky nude that works well with basically EVERY eye look. I didn't want to do anything bold with this look, but you could probably get away with a true matte lipstick.

Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder $6
Gotta have eyebrows! Using powder gives a really natural finish but doesn't last very long. If you want something more long wearing, you could try using pencil or a clear mascara over the top.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Bullet Proof Beige #5
For a nice base that will make my shadow really pop, I decided to use a cream shadow. It also worked really well as a highlight for my lids.

Almay Intense i-color Smoky-Kit (For Brown Eyes) #7
For the outer corner of my eyes, I decided to use the bronze lid color from this palette. Its really easy to blend and is flattering on warm skin tones.

Kirkland Eyeshadow Midnight Glimmer (no longer on sale)
Since my dress is dark blue, I decided add a little bit of dark blue in the crease.

Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner $18 
I LOVE this eyeliner! Its lasted me for months and always comes out really black and the tip is perfect for a winged eyeliner.

Majolica Majorica Lash King $23
Finish off with mascara. This one in particular is extremely long lasting and keeps my eyelashes curled. It's also smudge proof-- so no panda eyes for me!

Holika Holika Lashes #04 $3.50
There are times when I'll see someone rocking a smokey eye and the color placement, blending, and shading will be amazing-- but when you get to the lashes, they're understated and look just falls apart. If only they had these lashes!

These are extremely easy to curl, VERY GLAMOROUS, and super fun. I had so much fun playing with these,
 One piece of advice that I have when wearing these lashes is to bring around a handy eyelash curler as these do tend to fall throughout the day. If you're not wearing a mascara that holds up your curl, they WILL droop.

I normally have mono lids, but when I put on false eyelashes I get just the hint of a crease. If this sounds like you, you may want to try on your lashes before hand to see if they look ok on you! I had a friend who's smile kinda got crinkled when she wore false eyelashes so make sure to test them out.

April 8, 2014

NYC Candy Apple Red

Here are two things that I found recently that I am OBSESSED with. The first being this adorable Minnie Mouse cup that my sister gave me, and the other being an extremely affordable and cute nail polish by NYC!

It only takes two coats for an opaque true red color and there are little to no streaks from this polish. If you're looking for a really affordable and easy to wear red, I'd definitely suggest this one. It's not MAJORLY glossy, but it definitely can be worn without a top coat. I've had it on for about 3 days without any signs of wear (without a top coat) but after that it really starts to wear away at the edges. For two dollars, I'd definitely recommend!