April 15, 2014

PROM Dress / Pictures / Tips (Prom #4)

Hey guys! For the final installment in my prom series, I'm including pre prom pictures, information on my dress and tips! 

Overall, I had a blast at prom! We ended up going two hours late (oops) because my date and I had too much fun talking in our group at dinner; however, I definitely think that it was more fun that way because when we got to the venue, everyone was dancing and the music was pretty loud so we didn't get a chance to talk after that.


My dress is from Modcloth.com and was $80. I'm a little bit on the fence about whether or not it was worth the money because while it looks ok in pictures, the material was thin t-shirt material and wrinkled really quickly. That being said, I think that the sequin top was really flattering and I love how the cut wasn't too showy!

Some other places for dresses that I recommend are:

One last thing to add-- because of my heels, my dress ended up being a little bit too short. Keep that in mind when you're looking for your dress!

1. Next time I'm definitely going to keep my stuff in the car. Our coat check was really sketchy with no ticket system-- basically anyone could walk into the closet and take what they wanted.

2. If you don't want to grind, thats OK. I didn't want to grind so I had that conversation with my date before the dance.

3. Pre prom pictures can be lots of fun! But it can also get very awkward if you get fined for being in a private garden without having a permit. I know a group of people who had to pay $200. Call ahead and ask!


  1. You look like a princess! Love your dress~ *O*

    ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. Such adorable pictures! You guys look like you all had a fantastic time, every dress is goregous! *___*

  3. Shieeet you look better at prom than my friends and I ever did ._. (must be a ~Cali~ ~all things must be photogenic~ thing)(LIKE, HOW ARE Y'ALL EVEN ALL SO COORDINATED WITH YOUR DRESSES AND SHT???)
    Gorgeous dress though! I've never actually ordered anything off Modcloth even though I LUST for those cute dresses. I have a lot of ASOS's dresses, but the in-house clothing line...is a hit/miss.

  4. thank you very much! ^^

  5. HAHHAHA Thanks! Getting excited for prom was probably just as fun as the prom itself.

    And thank you :)

  6. You are very gorgeous, Bee <3333 and you really do look like you're enjoying everything. I'm glad your prom went well! I also didn't grind, dance, pretend to dance or anything because ~*~the popular kids~*~ thought the hall was owned by them and I was NAH LET ME SIT GRACEFULLY HERE AND PRETEND LIKE IMMA QUEEN WATCHING THE PEASANTS DANCE.

  7. Shelby!
    I've been following you for a while now hehe (not creepy at all) and I really enjoyed reading this prom post :3 I recently had my prom too (formal in Australia) . Did you do your own makeup?
    ~Weng =)

    1. wow hello! For this prom I did my own makeup but for the second prom that I went to I had a friend do my makeup for me. When was your prom? I'd love to know!


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