April 12, 2014

Sunday Stress

If you didn't already know, I have an instagram up and running! I had a few photos before, but I deleted them and am starting anew. If you want to see more pictures, updates, and previews pls check it out!

username: biffsquiggled 


  1. Eh is it possible to attend more than one prom? How does it work? (not very common in my country, I guess)

  2. I think prom really varies depending on where you live because at my school, there are two proms per year (one for juniors and one for seniors). A lot of people don't even buy a dress-- they swap and share with others instead! I have a friend who's been to 7 proms in her three years of high school :o
    But when I lived up north, dress sharing and going to multiple proms was really unheard of!

  3. 7 proms, that's A LOT!

    Ahh I see, we only get to go to one prom in your high school and it happens to every school, so if you don't go to one people will tell you 'but it only happens once!'

    I think it's pretty awesome that you can go to multiple proms, more chance to wear fancy dress and bold makeup!


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