August 10, 2014

Coach Poppy/Poppy Blossom

There are two sides to this rollerball-- both can be bought separately in a full size bottle. At first, I thought FOR SURE that my favorite side was Coach's poppy blossom but the more I wore both sides, the more I realized that I just could not pick. 

Before I read the official description online, I had no clue how much stuff was in these perfumes. As my sister so perfectly put it, "there are a shit-ton of flowers."

Definitely more floral then its counterpart, Poppy has a sweet wholesome base and a very clean finish. In the description it claims to have cucumber, mandarin, freesia, gardenias, vanilla and get this.. WHIPPED MARSHMELLOW?! Yeah, I don't really know whats going on there.. but I just smell sweet and faintly floral. It's very appropriate for girls without being sugary.

Poppy Blossom
For me, in comparison, very little about this perfume says floral. It has a more mature sharpness to
it-- its vaguely more fruity and I'm definitely picking up on the lychee. It's still light and suitable for a teenage audience for myself.


  1. Oooh! I'd be interested in the Poppy Blossom, I love fruity. ^__^

    1. I love it! It still smells good throughout the day

  2. i've never tried a coach fragrance, but i like how this sounds! gorgeous photos btw xx

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

    1. Give it a try when you see it! Thanks for stopping by, Natalie :)

  3. Replies
    1. Ive been carrying this rollerball around with me sine I got it!


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