August 8, 2014

FOTD Senior Portraits

Only one year left! At my school, seniors get a special picture day rather than in the gym at orientation. All the girls wear a black velvet drape, and the guys wear a tux. It's one of those traditions that have been around for decades and fun seeing pictures of people my age wearing the exact same thing way back in the 50's. Also, none of the other classes get to do it. So for seniors, it's sort of like..

For makeup I stayed away from eyeshadow because that's not something that I wear during the school year and didn't want to look unrecognizable. BUT I couldn't resist a pair of false eyelashes to give my eyes a little boost.  I also added diamond studs-- but those didn't really turn up in the picture. :(



  1. Looking good! I always looked rubbish in my school photos, despite doing my makeup exceptionally well that day. It was always hilarious to see all the girls clambering to the bathrooms before the photo time!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Your makeup is super gorgeous here! Love the eyeliner it really helps to complement your eyes so well!!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel Blog


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