November 3, 2013


Happy Halloween! This year, my friends and I decided to dress up as Matryoshkas or Russian nesting dolls-- shortest to tallest! We had lots of fun making our costumes and taking pictures with other group costumes at school. And maybe even some trick or treating?! 

Our inspiration came from this photo, which I found on Since we all wanted to match, we decided to make our aprons, skirts, and hoods. We could NOT have done it without the help of Macbarbie07 and her wonderful no sew tutorials :) 


We kept our makeup very low maintenance-- two round circles of bright pink blush with a red pouty lip. I would definitely recommend using powder for the blush-- 


We decided to just cut an apron out of white fabric and create our own unique patterns for our aprons! I did some research and found this pattern online. 
I really liked the design on the middle doll's apron, so I decided to go with it, but use a different color scheme-- when I finished, I realized that I had a lot of empty space in the middle, so I added a heart!

We decided to cut a scalloped hem on the bottom of our skirts as an added touch. :)

Click here for the Macbarbie07 tutorial

We put the same scalloped edge on out hood.
Click here for another, heaven sent Macbarbie07 tutorial. 

^ Our football team dressed showed up as black cats-- complete with booty shorts, whiskers, and ears. Their official title was, "The Average Teenage Girl on Halloween" When one of the football players walked into class, everyone paused and then BURST into laughter; I'm not sure if it's only my school, but every year we have a girls dressed as billion black cats on halloween. That moment was definitely the highlight of my day. 

Thanks for reading! How is Halloween where you live? Do you dress up for school? 

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