October 1, 2014

Style Swap with The Sunny Scenery

Hiyee! This is N from TheSunnyScenery!
I've decided to impersonate Shelby for the day (muahaha) and take over her blog for just a sec. She'll BRB but for now you're stuck with me ;) -- hope that's okay! We decided to do a little collaboration today and swap blogs for a quick fashion post! For those of you who may be familiar with my blog The Sunny Scenery, it's all about them fashion, beauty, skincare, and lifestyle. From outfits to reviews, to tags, I've got a little bit of an identity crisis going on so it's a whole slew of stuff going on there--check it out! I even put out the occasional video if you're more of a watcher than a reader :) P.S. Shelby's got my page covered so go on over and check it out here.

Don't be a stranger and come introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you! If you wanna learn a little more about me, check out my "Versatile Blogger" post for some fun facts.

Facing it up with:

Rimmel London Clean Finish Foundation
Physician's Formula CoverTox Ten
Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) 83 Pcs. Essential Collection
Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyebrow Pencil
Rimmel Scandal Eyes 002 Bullet Proof Beige
Ulta Eye Crayon in Toasted
Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara
Too Faced Juicy Jewels Liquid Lipstick

This eye looks is super easy and quick to do and really makes a statement without being too much. The exaggerated contour really helps to define the eye and give a good amount of depth to the lid (shout out to all of my monolid mates out there!). I used a combination of a nice champange and coppery base followed by an array of red-toned shadows to create this smoky fall-appropriate look. 


Neon Green and Gold Feather Statement Necklace
H&M Cream-Colored Batwing Top
H&M Army Green Pants
Rust-Colored Boots
Gold Bangle

I know Fall is usually all about them reds and deep tones but I decided to switch it up here and there by throwing in a more rust-colored accent to go along with slightly muted greens. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Oxblood and Wine-Reds but I think fall embraces many other hues! Forest-y greens, Yellows, etc. This outfit is a nice transition from the summery days to the autumn nights. Just enough "dress" to impress but casual enough to rock all day, erry day :D

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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