November 1, 2014


Happy Halloween from the Madelines!! 

 My post as a Matryoshka doll from last year did pretty well so I thought that I'd make an updated post about this year's costume.  It was super easy to make and I think it went quite well! At school, one teacher came up to us during lunch and told us that she absolutely loved our costume and that when she saw one of us walking by her classroom, she completely stopped teaching. So I guess that means it's somewhat accurate! 

Materials :

-A Floppy Sun Hat ($5 from Party City)  
- White Knee High Socks 
- Black Flats 
- White Gloves ($1 from Joannes) 
- Royal Blue Dress (which we borrowed from various friends)
- Fabric Glue
- 1 yard of Royal Blue Fabric (Per Person)
- 1/4 yard of White Fleece (Per Person)
- Red Ribbon
- Safety Pins
- lastly, and of course this is optional, but we had a friend wear my old nun costume from a school musical.. we probably wouldn't have had a nun if the costume weren't so easily available.

Think of it as a circle skirt for your shoulders. If you know what I'm talking about, you probably don't even need to read the tutorial. But for everyone else, this caplet only takes a few steps! 

1. Purchase the royal blue material fabric (or a color that will match your dress best) I purchased 1 yard per person. Since I was making Caplets for three people, I bought 3 yards. 

2. I used this tutorial  to cut out the neck hole. Skip over to the "Big Girl Tutorial" which shows you how to fold and cut out a 2.5 radius hole in the center of the fabric. 

3. Once you have a suspicious hole right smack dab in the middle of your fabric, shape the caplet by rounding off the edges as shown in the photo above. It's easiest to try it on and make a few marks. Don't worry if it's not a circle. Ours was quite oblong. 

4. Cut out two half moons of white fleece and glue those on as your collar 

5. Finish off with a red ribbon bow in-between the two half-moons, safety pinned from the inside of your caplet, and you're good to go!


  1. This is so cute~! I posted a DIY halloween costume on my blog too and I'd love it if you checked it out <33

  2. Cute costumes!Great idea!


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