July 6, 2014

Dior Rosy Tan (754) Eyeshadow Palette

The first thing that I noticed about the DIOR 5-Color Rosy Tan palette is that all of the shades in this palette are incredibly silky and easy to blend. If you're going for a smooth smokey eye, this is your one stop shop. I especially love the upper right hand shade which is a rich burgundy with gold shimmer as it easily intensifies any eye look and gives a really luxurious shimmer. And because the colors are all neutral, the look created with these shadows won't compete with whatever cheek/lip duo you plan on sporting.

Of course, spending $60 on a palette creates some pretty high expectations so before you think that this palette is or is not for you, I'd like to mention two things that I'm not too impressed with. First of all, I have absolutely no use for the pink shade. Sure, its very pretty and looks like it fits well with the overall color scheme, but Im really not a pink eyeshadow kind of girl and I haven't touched it except to swatch. Second, the bottom right shadow is relatively cool toned. If you have a tan or are on the darker/warmer side of the spectrum, you may have some trouble working with this cool, taupe. For that reason, I love blending a little bit of Naked 1's Buck around the edges of wherever I place this shadow to avoid a gray cast. Lastly, the consistency of these shadows isn't super pigmented, which makes it easier to do a even sweep across the lid but harder to shape or sculpt. An example of this would be using the darkest shadow as an eyeliner; the shade just isn't pigmented enough for you to draw a wing.

Dior Rosy Tan (754) Eyeshadow Palette


  1. I'm not a pink shade eyeshadow kind of girl either, but dannggg. This palette looks really fancy shamancy! Thanks for the honest review!~ <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  2. Did you hear they're coming out with a bunch of new palettes this fall? I'm so excited! I've been curious about dior eyeshadows, but none of the palettes really spoke to me! Hopefully I'll find one that suits me soon!


  3. this particular palette is one of the more popular one of the dior palettes and i'm liking the shades. i don't mind having one cool toned shade so long as the whole palette doesnt lean cool. looks nice but too bad you don't like pinks. i do like pink over the lid now and then.
    A Beautiful Zen

  4. What a pretty palette, but I would probably buy the brown tone palette because I want to be able to constantly use it!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  5. It's gorgeous! If I owned this I probably wouldn't use the pick shade either - I feel like only a few can actually pull that colour of eyeshadow off. Great and honest review :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  6. Found you through The Sunny Scenery and gave your Bloglovin' a follow! Really enjoying your blog so far. I love this eyeshadow palette. I have yet to add a Dior product to my makeup collection, so I may grab this one whenever I do! Is there anything else from Dior you would recommend? I'd love to check it out as well. :)

    Hope ♡ | http://www.beautyandbliss67.blogspot.com

    1. Sorry for the late reply-- thank you so much! I don't have any recommendations at this point but thats only because this eyeshadow palette is only one of the few Dior products that I've really tried out :(


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