July 1, 2014

FOTD: Asia Beauty Products

Hello hello! It's about time for a FOTD featuring a handful of summer appropriate asian beauty products. Lets get into it. Hi Rona if you're seeing this <3

Canmake Eyebrow Liquid 
I'd never used a liquid brow product before but decided to branch out with an eyebrow marker. It's a felt tip so that you can draw in specific hairs here and there. Caution: you need a pretty light hand to apply this product because its pretty pigmented and difficult to blend once its had a few seconds to try.

Baby Lips Color Poppy Red
Unfortunately this product is only available in Asia and I couldn't find it online in the US. It's a pretty red tinted lip balm with a peppermint tingle which I LOVE :) This is super easy for to apply and very summer appropriate.

Lovedrops Impact Eyeliner - Black
I was probably the most surprised by this product because it doesn't look like much from the packaging, but this eyeliner has got have the darkest blackest formula I have ever tried! It doesn't have as much precision as the dolly wink eyeliner, but is definitely more opaque.

Sweets Sweets Velvet Souffle Cheeks 03
This is a super fun cream cheek stain that looks really nice on all skin tones. In the pot it's quite a dark berry shade but on the skin it just barely comes across as a subtle flush which is so perfect for summer.

Hyper Curl Volum' Express Spiky Comb Waterproof Mascara (FULL REVIEW)
Can't forget about mascara! You can click the link to read my full review :)

Mac Prolongwear Concealer
This seriously covers up EVERYTHING. It worked out because I needed to get rid of a few spots around my nose and this concealer did the job quite beautifully.


  1. The blusher looks very lovely!! I'm not a blush person though I own a CANMAKE Cream Blush and it's enough. Not to mention that it's also a wonderful product <3

  2. such a pretty natural look with all of these. i've wanted some canmake blushes for a while now. i own one of the cream cheek ones but would love to try more. that eyebrow liquid looks interesting. i go for the regular pencil method though.
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. You are so pretty! These products look lovely!


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    you have an amazing blog.
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