July 29, 2014

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

When it comes to mascara, I have two main requirements: it has to be lengthening and it has to hold a curl. Not too tall of an order, right? But for the sake of a thorough review, let's go through the usual mascara checklist.

One of the first things I noticed when applying this mascara is how creamy and smooth the formula is. Because it isn't watery like some other mascaras Ive encountered in the past, I have more time to go back in with the brush and fix any lashes that have gone astray before the formula sets. The wand, which is made of natural bristles is really easy to work with and really gets into the outer corners of my eyes, which I love to accentuate.

This mascara definitely doesn't fail you in this department. It really makes each lash look two times thicker.

Lengthening / Holding a Curl
This mascara did a decent job in this department-- nothing spidery, but a very wearable, natural length which I really liked. Unfortunately, because each lash was getting completely coated, it really caused my lashes to droop and lose their curl.

Throughout the day
I've yet to have any problem with smudging! It should be noted however, that I don't usually have a problem with panda eyes when it comes to mascara.

I definitely understand the hype surrounding this product because it really is a great formula + brush combination that's easy to work with. That being said, I didn't find it holding a curl as well as I would have liked and so the search continues!

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  1. yea. heard the hype and it looks like it stands up to it except for the holding curl part (that isn't one of my requirements) but im not sure about the price :(
    A Beautiful Zen


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